Fire Alarm Circuit using LDR (Light Depending Resistor)

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Fire Alarm Circuit using LDR (Light Depending Resistor) as ablaze sensor. It warns the user adjoin blaze accidents. It relies on the smoke that is produced in the accident of a fire. Back this smoke passes amid a LED and an LDR, the bulk of ablaze falling on the LDR decreases. This causes the attrition of LDR to access and the voltage at the abjec

Fire Alarm Circuit using LDR (Light Depending Resistor)
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t of the transistor is pulled aerial due to which the accumulation to NE555 again activated the alarm. The thermistor offers a low attrition at aerial temperature and aerial attrition at low temperature. This abnormality is active actuality for analysis the fire. The IC1 (NE555) is configured as a chargeless active oscillator at audio frequency. The transistors T1 and T2 drive IC1. The achievement (pin 3) of IC1 is couples to abject of transistor T3 (SL100), which drives the apostle to accomplish anxiety sound. The abundance of NE555 depends on the ethics of resistances R5 and R6 and capacitance C2. When thermistor becomes hot, it gives a low-resistance aisle for the absolute voltage to the abject of transistor T1 through diode D1 and attrition R2. Capacitor C1 accuse up to the absolute accumulation voltage and increases the the time for which the anxiety is ON. The beyond the amount of C1, the beyond the absolute bent activated to the abject of transistor T1 (BC548). As the beneficiary of T1 is accompanying to the abject of transistor T2, the transistor T2 provides a absolute voltage to pin 4 (reset) of IC1 (NE555). Resistor R4 is called s0 that NE555 keeps abeyant in the absence of the absolute voltage. Diode D1 stops absolution of capacitor C1 back the thermistor is in affiliation with the absolute accumulation voltage cools out and provides a aerial attrition path. It additionally inhibits the advanced biasing of...

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