GPS Jammer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A low cost device to temporarily disable the reception of the civilian coarse acquisition (C/A) code used for the standard positioning service (SPS) on the Global Positioning System (GPS/NAVSTAR) L1 frequency of 1575. 42 MHz. This is accomplished by transmitting a narrowband Gaussian noise signal, with a deviation of +/- 1. 023 MHz, on the L1 GPS fr

GPS Jammer
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equency itself. This technique is a little more complicated than a simple continuous wave (CW) jammer, but tends to be more effective (i. e. harder to filter) against spread spectrum based radio receivers. This device will have no effect on the precise positioning service (PPS) which is transmitted on the GPS L2 frequency of 1227. 6 MHz and little effect on the P-code which is also carried on the L1 frequency. There may be a problem if your particular GPS receiver needs to acquire the P(Y)-code through the C/A-code before proper operation. This device will also not work against the new upcoming GPS L5 frequency of 1176. 45 MHz or the Russian GLONASS or European Galileo systems. It can be adapted to jam the new civilian C/A-code signal which is going to also be transmitted on the GPS L2 frequency. The onslaught of cheap GPS based navigation (or hidden tracking devices) over the past few years has made it necessary for the typical citizen to take up the fine art of electronic warfare. Several companies[Note 1] now sell "hidden" GPS based tracking devices which mount inside or underneath your vehicle. Some transmit the coordinates, via cellular phone, of your vehicle`s present and/or past locations for weeks at a time without battery changes or court orders! Vehicle rental companies have been known to use GPS tracking devices to verify you don`t speed or abuse their rental vehicles. The unsuspecting renter is often faced with...

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