How to Measure Analog Distance Sensor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This video is a demonstration of reading an analog voltage, computing data, and controlling LEDs. I am using a Sharp GP2D12 Infrared (IR) sensor. More information about sharp distance sensors. The PDQ board connects to your host PC via a serial cable, running at a baud rate of 115200. The Mosiac IDE Plus compiles your C source code into a binary f

How to Measure Analog Distance Sensor
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ile. The Mosaic Terminal sends this file to the PDQ Board Users Guide. The QED-Forth RTOS on the PDQ Board Users Guide receives this file into ram, and then saves to flash memory after the download is complete. If you type "main" into the terminal followed by the `enter` key, the RTOS will execute main() from the loaded source code. You also have the option to "Autostart" your program; this instructs the PDQ Board to execute main() at device power-on. The following schematic describes how all the components in this circuit are connected. Please download the pdf for a high resolution view of this document. #include // include the standard library functions // This sample program accompanies the youtube video located here: // // - // // This program reads an IR distance sensor and visually outputs the distance on // a seven segment LED display. A 10 LED bar graph also fills up as the distance // decreases. 4 switches are connected to digital inputs which allow the user // to change the display. This program is meant to be a simple demonstration of // the onboard I/O available on the PDQ board. This program is a modified // version of the demo project entitled "Analog I/O Demo" which is provided with the // Mosaic IDE Plus. // Copyright 2010 Mosaic Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. // Disclaimer: THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT ANY // WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS EXPRESS OR...

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