Motion Sensor Light Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Many people place motion detectors in their backyards or even in their houses so that when they walk through that area, the lights will automatically turn on. Thus, motion sensor lights are very popular and being increased in use. Businesses use them all the time such as for bathrooms, when a person walks in, the lights turn on. Or many times they

Motion Sensor Light Circuit
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are used in grocery stores for when you pass through an aisle or open up a refrigerator door in the freezer aisles. The applications are numerous. In this circuit, we will create a motion sensor light circuit that will stay on for 30 seconds minutes when motion is detected. This is just for demonstration purposes. Depending on what you use the circuit determines how long you may want the lights to stay on for. For a refrigerator application such as in a supermarket when the fridge door opens, 30 seconds would be adequate. Usually people don`t stay in the fridge that long. If you`re using it for a bathroom, a longer time period may be necessary such as 2-3 minutes. If the person is still in the bathroom and moving, the sensor will turn right back. The main electronic component we will use that allows us to pick up this detection is the PIR motion sensor. The PIR motion sensor is a sensor which detects movement through picking up infrared waves. Being that a person emits infrared waves, the detector is able to detect these waves and react, according to the how the circuit is designed to react. The sensor can also pick up the movement of inanimate objects as well, such a rolling ball, because as those objects move, friction acts on them, generating heat. This heat emits infrared radiation, which the PIR sensors may be able to detect if great enough. The PIR motion sensor is, again, a sensor which can detect movement through...

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