Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This was a small circuit made for driving an Impact counter. The heart being ICL8038. It must have been a Motor driving a Conveyor, the motor has a feedback attachment called Tachogenerator. Only part of the circuit is shown here. See the image of product here Tacho Counter. The configuration is derived from the Application Notes of Intersil. The

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Voltage from Tachogenerator is Measured on a DPM-DVM and also fed to this circuit after attenuation and filtering. The square pulses of 8038 is used to derive a Logic pulse train for a CD4040. The CD4040 works of 0 and 12V. Read More Here is the circuit of a Op-Amp based Square Wave Generator. One of the main application of this is in a Simple PWM circuit and Triangle Opamp Oscillator. The Slope of the Triangle wave is compared with a DC Level to derive a pulse width or On-Time proportional to a Voltage. This On-Time proportional to voltage is for a fixed oscillation rate based on C2-C3 and R15. The C2-C3 form a Unpolarized cap, This type is also used in crossover networks in speaker boxes. This is because, a plastic 4. 7 uF (2 * 10uF series) is big and costlier, but Read More This is an electronic choke for a Conventional Fluorescent Lamp. This was an application note of MJE13005 a High Voltage Switching NPN Power Transistor. I Might have modified it. This was very popular in the early days, The Coil Winding and Ferrite is very Critical design. The diodes, npn transistor and caps are high voltage 350V-1KV, The tubelight is 40W-60W 5 feet long. This circuit replaced the choke and starter in an existing frame. Read More. Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Electronic Ballasts! 40W Lamp Inverter Compact fluorescent lamp Producing Wound Components Transformer Design ePanorama Transformers Fluorescent Lamp CD4046 is a PLL or phase lock...

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