Parking aid

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This circuit is based around the PIC 16C84 (or PIC 16F84) microcontroller. This chip is actually a small computer contained in a single chip, including RAM memory, EEPROM, I/O ports, CPU and so on. When you buy this chip, it comes empty with no program on it. You have to compile the source code and download the resulting machine code into it, usin

Parking aid
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g a PC and a small programmer attached to the parallel port of the PC and the chip. To get yourself familiar with this stuff, I suggest you first read this link: Getting started with microcontrollers. This circuit is a parking aid. Two infrared sensors (or at least one) are continuously sensing the distance between the back of your car and an obstacle (i. e. the other car). Feedback to the driver is given via sound through a speaker. There are six levels: the first level (starting level) sounds short low frequency beeps and long pauses to indicate that there is an obstacle further than about 1m40. The second level sounds long low frequency beeps when you are between 1m and 1m40 of the obstacle. The third, fourth and fifth level will get you higher in frequency (and shorter beeps) when you are nearing the other vehicle at resp. less than 1m, 75 cm and 50 cm. When you are closer than 25 cm, you are in level 6 where quick dual-tone sounds can be heared, indicating that you are about to crash. When there is no obstacle, no sound is heard except some soft ticking, indicating that the processor is running OK. When the device is put on (preferably through a switch or operated together with the back driving lights) a short dual tone is heard to confirm that the device is up and running. The circuit makes use of the Sharp IR distance sensor GP2D02. This sensor is based on triangular measuring principles, and is designed to measures...

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