Programmable signal converter provides sensor interface

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A four-channel programmable signal converter (PSC) that it said will enable complete four-channel signal processing and filtering in minutes. The QF4A512 PSC features a 16-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter with four differential or single ended inputs.Each channel can be individually programmed for gain, anti-aliasing filter cutoff frequency,

Programmable signal converter provides sensor interface
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A/D converter sampling frequency, and the filtering requirements unique to that input (up to 512 taps per channel). The four independent finite impulse response (FIR) filters are capable of generating brick wall filters. As an example, a lowpass filter with a 1-kHz cutoff frequency, 80 dB of rejection, and a total transition band of only 5 Hz can be designed in minutes, said Bob Silco, CEO of the fabless IC company. Each channel can have a different signal bandwidth, A/D sample rate, and filter function design. Quickfilter`s QF4A512 signal converter product line allows engineers to design and implement a custom circuit for signal conditioning, conversion and processing — without the cost and complexity of designing a circuit board containing discrete components in addition to programming a digital signal processing (DSP), Silco said. Quickfilter`s design software has been created for rapid configuration and filter design, according to Silco. Filter templates are selectable in Quickfilter`s design software for a variety of applications. "By making it extremely easy to program and re-program at any time, we are enabling our customers to personalize their products, implement just-in-time manufacturing and create new products, " he said. The QF4A512 PSC is suited for industrial control, machine monitoring, medical monitoring and diagnostics, industrial smart sensors, homeland security monitoring, and a variety of other...

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