Radio Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

MK484 AM receiver circuit A simple AM receiver circuit based on the MK484 AM receiver IC from Rapid Electronics Ltd is shown here. MK4844 is a monolithic integrated circuit that has all the necessary sections of a AM receiver like RF amplifier, detector, AGC etc. The IC is available in TO92 package and requires very few external compo

Radio Circuits
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nents. In the circuit L1 and C1 forms a tank circuit. L1 also serves as the antenna coil. The audio signals available at the pin 3 of IC1 are amplified using the amplifier built around transistor Q1. C2 is a bypass capacitor Here is the circuit diagram of the simplest FM transmitter using a transistor. Great performance or range is not guaranteed here, because this is an elementary design. General purpose radio frequency transistor BF 494 (Q1) is used here for obtaining FM modulation. A condenser mic is used here to pickup the sound. The condenser mic converts the sound to electrical variations and this variations are fed to the base of Q1, which performs the amplification as well as modulation. The capacitor C2 and L1 determines the frequency of transmission. The circuit can be powered from a 9V transistor radio Here`s a low cost radio circuit that can be used to listen to the radio conversations between aircrafts. The radio circuit based on transistor 2N918 and diode 1N82 receives in the 220Mhz to 400Mhz range. Capacitor C1 and inductor L1 forms the tank circuit for tuning. Diode D1 performs the detection. Transistor T1 performs the necessary amplification. The out put audio signal is just enough to drive a small headphone. For driving speakers. Circuit diagram with Parts list. Notes. Use a 45cm long wire for antenna, For L1 make 2 turns of 22 AWG magnetic wire on a 5/32 Simple AM Transmitter Description Here is the...

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