Remote-controlled fiber-optic Ceiling Light with Arduino

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A wood table with many holes with different diameters that house the optical fibers. The size of the ceiling lamp (90 cmx 60 cm) did not allow me to use a single bundle of fibers and this is the reason of the two beams I used, each of which comes with a LEDs illuminator as shown: The schematic with Arduino and its control circuit is shown in the figure above: it is a very

Remote-controlled fiber-optic Ceiling Light with Arduino
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simple circuit that I built on a breadboard. To control the high-brightness LEDs I used 4 transistors TIP122 whose base is driven with a PWM signal generated by Arduino. Each Arduino PWM output in connected to the each transistor base via a resistor of 1 kohm. The same type of LEDs are connected in series and hosted one in the first illuminator and the other in the second. The line is connected to the positive external power supply via a 470 Ohm resistor. The transistor connected to the white LEDs is connected to pin 10 of Arduino, the TIP122 of the red LEDs to pin 9, the green LEDs to pin 6, that of the blue LEDs to pin 5. #include #define DELAY_CROMO 100 // Use FNV hash algorithm: #define FNV_PRIME_32 16777619 #define FNV_BASIS_32 2166136261 int lettura; int pLettura; int pinLed[] = {9, 6, 5, 10}; int fade[] = {255, 180, 128, 90, 64, 45, 32, 23, 16, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0}; int RECV_PIN = 11; boolean _loop = true; IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN); decode_results results; void setup() { _initLeds(); // Init Led irrecv. enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver //Serial. begin(9600); } // Compare two tick values, returning 0 if newval is shorter, // 1 if newval is equal, and 2 if newval is longer // Use a tolerance of 20% int compare(unsigned int oldval, unsigned int newval) { if (newval < oldval *. 8) { return 0; } else if (oldval < newval *. 8) { return 2; } else { return 1; } } /* Converts the raw code values into a...

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