Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 8

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Have a proper look at the Kapanadze video in the transparent box and see that the vertical coil has copper tape windings on it resulting a capacitor that captures the environment particles with the help of the high voltage. I have done some experiments with it and it charges very easy with very small power used for generating the high voltage. there is also a spark gap to maintain and control overcharge.

Selfrunning Free Energy 5 KW Kapanadze 8
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

In my opinion the big horizontal coil is the output transformer, acting as a inverter. I have managed to collect the charge from the tape capacitor and run a normal inverter home made. The inverters using ic`s are quite sensitive but a simple one using just transistors works just fine. The old green box device used the windings to form a capacitor. If we look properly at Kapanadze devices we can easily see that the principe is very easy and it can be replicated even without spark gaps if we aim for low power. People should focus on the simplest way on charging a capacitor without affecting the source, once the capacitor is continous charged then we can do anything with it. Also, is there anyone that can go to the website I requested in my previous post and try to get that file on the TBC-100 flyback that is used by the WNY Group. If the site requires payment, I don`t mind sending a paypal to cover it but I just can`t understand the language. wattsup, That file you mention is typical of file share website Malware. It`s an executable. If you are familiar with doing searches on file sharing sites you will find that virtually any term you use in your search (i. e. try searching "i49zhmQrtZZYY" or any such nonsense) and it will show it has found several hits on your search. If you click on them you will find you need to pay to get access and once you pay there will not be any such file found. I`m fairly certain the file you...

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