Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Simon18F is a project to replace the custom MB4850 processor of the MB Electronics Simon game with a PIC18F2550; initially to emulate the original Simon games and, later, to enhance the existing games and add new ones. The Simon18F processor board is based on the PIC18F2550 processor. I chose this PIC since it is a good combination of small-size a

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nd speed (48 Mhz). Since there is virtually no difference (in price) between the PIC16Fs and PIC18Fs the extra speed, memory and capabilities of the processor will enhance the abilities of this board greatly. The board is a very basic PIC18F set up with a 5V regulator so the PIC can be powered by the existing 9V battery in the MB Simon game. An external 20Mhz crystal is also included which allows the PIC to run at the full 48Mhz. The extra speed is useful for PWM control of the LEDs and generating the sound for the game. The input and output ports of the MB4850 processor are wired to the equivalent ports on the PIC. I decided to make the processor board on a small piece of strip-board which can fit under the mainboard inside the game`s case. This makes it easy to make and also allows the board to be expanded if required (you could use the extra ports for an LCD screen, or as a serial/USB port to connect the game to a computer (I`ve deliberately left the required pins unused). The header connector is connected to the processor board via a 16 way ribbon cable. The other end of the cable is soldered to a small piece of stripboard that has two single-row header pin strips soldered on which fit into the processor`s socket. The software is based on the information from my previous project Reverse engineering an MB Electronic Simon game and attempts to follow the flow and timing of the original Simon as closely as possible. I also...

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