Simple condenser microphone mini audio amplifier circuit schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a very useful and simple circuit diagram for amplifying weak signal from a capacitive condenser microphone. You can use this circuit for sound sensing applications and some automatic robotic sensors. We have already posted an efficient audio amplifier circuit using 1895 IC, it is somewhat complicated and is suitable for very sensitive appl

Simple condenser microphone mini audio amplifier circuit schematic
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ications. But this condenser microphone DIY audio sound amplifier is very small and simple to implement because it uses only two BC547 transistors and some discrete components. You can construct this circuit with a minimum price of $2. This circuit is apt for cheap amplification purposes in electronics such as pre amplifier for FM transmitters. Transistor Q1 is configured as collector to base biasing mode. This is accomplished via 470k © resistance. This resistor provides negative feedback to the transistor Q1. The output of Q1 becomes available at the collector (across 3. 3k © resistor), which is the input to the transistor Q2 via a 0. 1 µF capacitor. The capacitor removes DC voltages due to the biasing of Q1.

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