Simple home audio power amplifier circuit schematic

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Here is a new audio power amplifier schematic built around TIP darlington pair transistors. You can use this circuit for home audio power amplifiers and car audio amplifiers. The TIP142 and TIP147 darlington pair transistors forms a push pull high power amplifier configuration while the two BC558 PNP transistor provides a mini audio pre amplifier

Simple home audio power amplifier circuit schematic
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circuit. The audio signal is applied to the pre amp through a capacitor, then it is coupled to the push pull power amp via TIP141 transistor. The values and ratings of different components of power amplifier design are also given in this article. Implementation cost of this mini audio amplifier circuit is too cheap, near $5. The circuit can deliver 150 W RMS to a 8 © (150 Watt power amplifier). Our new audio power amplifier project is based on TIP 142 and TIP 147 (complementary darlington pair power transistors which can handle 5 A current and 100V). The two PNP (BC 558) transistors forms a pre amplifier section to the preceding high power push pull amplifier built around TIP141, TIP 142 and TIP 147 darlington pair transistors. We are using 2 PNP transistors to form a preamplifier section, it is nothing but a differential amplifier to improve overall performance of the amplifier. The application of a differential amplifier in the input phase reduces noise. Input signal is applied to the differential amplifier section via 10 µF DC decoupling capacitor. Capacitor removes the DC voltage from the input audio signal. A complementary class AB push pull power amplifier stage is built around the TIP darlington pair transistors to drive the 8 © 150 watt speaker (The circuit can deliver 150 W RMS to a 8 ©). +/-40V, 5A dual power supply is necessary to provide supply for this simplest amplifier circuit. Use 30V-0-30V step down...

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