traffic light circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The design of the current application of the wider selection of VHDL hardware description language to realize the intersection traffic light system controller hardware circuit description, in the Altera`s MAX PLUS EDA software platform environment through the compilation, simulation, and ed to the CPLD production of the device is programmed to ach

traffic light circuit diagram
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ieve the traffic light system control process. Keywords: EDA; VHDL; controller; CPLD Introduction EDA technology is used in electronic product design, more advanced technology, can replace the design of electronic systems designers to complete most of the work, and can be modified directly from the program and system errors function without the need for hardware support, not only shorten the development cycle, but also significant cost savings by the electronic engineers of all ages. To achieve control of intersection traffic signal systems are many ways you can use the standard logic devices, programmable logic controller PLC, SCM and other programs to achieve. However, the function of these control methods are required to modify and debug hardware support, to a certain extent, an increase of functional changes and system debugging difficulties. Therefore, the use of EDA in the design of technology, applications are now widely used in the VHDL hardware description language to realize the design of traffic signal system controller, using MAXPLUS comprehensive integrated development environment, simulation, and to the CPL D programmable logic device, complete Control of the system. Traffic light system controller design requirements junction traffic light control system and other control systems, controllers and the controlled circuit is divided into two parts. Controller so that the whole system works by setting alternate...

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