Stepper motor getting very hot wrong driver or power supply

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The ULN2003A and Zener from the driver board inside the same device. It`s a 5 wires motor, but the one in the schematic is 6 wires. I suppose the only difference is that the 5 wire version has the two center taps joined together so that`s what you see in my schematic. The motor seems to run perfectly, however after a minute or so it becomes extremely hot. I don`t have anything to measure the actual temp

Stepper motor getting very hot wrong driver or power supply
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but it is painful to put my fingers on it for more than half a second. given the circuit above, remove the zener and put a resitor and a 100uF 25V capacitor in series between COM and GND (COM -> R -> C -> GND): the motor runs well but still overheats What is the zener voltage The supply voltage needs to be lower than the zener voltage Also, what is the zener voltage Russell McMahon Oct 8 `11 at 16:01 Hot sounds wrong. What is the coil resistane when measured with an ohm meter (multimeter) center tap to any conmnected phase What is the supply current | If you have a 50 ohm coil then the power per phase max should be V2/R = 144/50 = 2. 9 Watt. Overall yu should not have more than the equivalent of 1 phase being driven cintinually. 3 Watt sis not vast heat wise. | IF you have the 8 Ohm version. :-). | 122/8 = 18W or I = V/R = 12//8 = 1. 5A = hotter than 3 Watts. | 8 ohm version is made to be pulse driven (or with series R). Russell McMahon Oct 11 `11 at 16:24 As you can see from your drawing (even though it tends not to be intuitive at first glance) - each centre tapped winding is like two magnetically coupled inductors or two halves of a transformer winding. When you connect the centre tap to V+ and ground one end the other end rises to 2 x V+ - or tries to. BUT each driven output is connected via a diode to com (anode to driver, cathode to com). When you ground one end of the winding and the other end is connected to V+ via...

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