TV to receive CBS-System Color (1951)

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The color wheel and motor control are up to you. Yes, this is field-sequential color, not the `compatible color` that came along a few years later. After we detail the wiring changes, we`ll tell you more about the wheel. Anyway, even without the wheel, you`ll be able to see CBS shows in black-and-white. The basics. All TV sets have time

TV to receive CBS-System Color (1951)
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bases. Inside each TV timebase is a horizontal and a vertical oscillator. These oscillators output frequencies that control picture scanning. Picture scanning is what forms pictures on the screen. In the CBS color system, both oscillators operate at higher frequencies than in the regular American TV system (NTSC). CBS frequencies. For the horizontal frequency, the CBS system uses 29, 160 instead of 15, 750 Hz. For the vertical frequency, the CBS system uses 144 instead of 60 Hz. Fixed resistors in series with the TV`s front-panel hold  controls set these timebase frequencies. You`ll add a multipoint switch that selects the monochrome or color frequency. The switch connects either the old horizontal and vertical resistors or new ones. The resistors that you need to add are all fixed resistors. The new parts connect in series with the horizontal and vertical hold potentiometers. A typical value for the new resistors is 20K. In some models, a 10K resistor does the trick. Extra size controls. The switch also selects a second horizontal width and vertical height potentiometer. These parts are identical to those in a stock set. The new pots keep the color picture the same size as the monochrome picture. These pots are definitely worthwhile! Without them, whenever you switch to color, you must increase picture size. All the size adjustments could get to be a major pain in the neck. With the second set of pots, you adjust the...

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