Timing within the one-chip computer Counter and interrupt system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This one will report about and introduce two very important resources within the one-chip computer -Timing / counter and interrupt system. Say through this, readers can know the operating principle of the timer and interrupt system of the one-chip computer. Let us give an example of alarm clock at first, its vibrating bell after one minute regularly, this needs second hand to leave in the fake 60 times.

Timing within the one-chip computer Counter and interrupt system
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Namely time turn number of times that second hand leave into one minute, that is number of times that count, count, come 60 then vibrating bell, and time that count each time 1 second. Timing / counter inside the one-chip computer similar with alarm clock, can set for, take timed time, regular time reach carry on corresponding operation by programming. Count what is primary time, clock pulse that 51 one-chip computer input got after 12 frequency demultiplication by output of crystal oscillator inside one-chip computer then, so the timer can also regard as the periodic counter of the machine of the computer. Because each machine cycle includes 12 oscillating periods, so every machine cycle timer is added by 1, can regard the clock pulse input as machine periodic signal. So the frequency is 1/12 of the Jingzhen frequency. If the Jingzhen frequency is 12MHz, then the timer receives one and inputs pulsing time each time is just 1 s. It was the Jingzhen of 11. 0592M that adopted in kit of this experiment, so it is about 1. 085 s to receive one and input pulsing time each time. Realize accurately it is very important in the actual project is employed regularly, because often need to use accurate timing for some time, then do the corresponding task at the moment reached regular time. What regular time of realization of programming is that The simple introduction plays the one-chip computer STC89C52 on a breadboard first at first...

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