Two Channel Audio Mixer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It is often convenient to be able to fade in or out or mix at any wanted level the inputs from two audio sources. The circuit in Figure 37 is suitable for this purpose. One input is to socket 1, and the second to socket 2. Each input is suitable for high or other impedances, and has its own volume control VR1 and VR2. R1 and R2 are to provide isol

Two Channel Audio Mixer
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ation of VR1 and VR2 so that a minimum setting for one potentiometer does not ground the other input. This arrangement is suitable for all general purposes, with microphones, pick-up, tuner, tape, etc. The 2N3819 and other audio and general purpose FETs will be found suitable. Output is to a screened connector, via C4, and is arranged as for Figure 36. Power supplies may also be provided in the same way as already described. Such a mixer can be constructed in a small screened box, which is grounded to the negative line. The box will carry the input sockets 1 and 24 with associated volume controls. Running can be from an internal battery supply, if a power connection is not wanted to the main amplifier. An on-off switch will then be necessary in the positive battery lead. There is, some latitude in component values, without a very significant change in performance. Both inputs receive amplification. When one input will be at a relatively high level, as from a radio tuner, it may be preferred to employ a circuit in which extra gain is available for one input only.

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