arduino How can I display a scoreboard on stage for a play

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A scoreboard in the middle of the room, that one will control from backstage. The scoreboard will have two 3-digit numbers, controlled individually. Whenever the score changes, a little irritating sound should. sound. What is the easiest, more efficient and cheapest way to do this I have found how to make the scoreboard (MANY LEDs, some resistors, transistors, shift registers, an

arduino How can I display a scoreboard on stage for a play
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external power-source and an Arduino), but I have almost no idea about the rest. What should I do I already have the Arduino, a Basic Stamp, a Raspberry Pi (to play the sounds) and a PIC (PIC16C63, but I have no way of programming it)s and an OlinuXino (Yes I am desperate) lying around. I have 3 weeks to finish it. My budget is very low (30 euros). What is the least minimum I need Where can I buy it PS After some researching, I ended up to the following configuration: arduino with scoreboard (shift registers, transistors, LEDs, 2 AA batteries and some resistors), connected and controlled by RasPi, via serial (via UART, using a CD4050, because arduino`s USB wasn`t preferred by me :). A wifi dongle will be connected to RasPi, which will connect to a wireless network. The raspberry pi will be powered by a 5V 1. 5A voltage regulator. A small speaker will be connected to audio jack. All this on the middle of the room. Backstage, there will be a wireless modem, used as a hotspot. Now either I from my android smartphone (connected to the hotspot) via an ssh client, or my teacher from her laptop (same configuration) will control the setup. Now I end up with a software related problem (of how to program everything Flawlessly), which I will soon ask on the correct stack-exchange. Thank you all for your answers and your effort! Interesting problem. Pretty much any of the development boards you have, could be used to make it work. If...

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