communication Multiplex data and LED pin

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Performing a chip conversion for the Sparkfun LED RingCoder. The sample code provided with the product works well on an Arduino UNO, but it uses a pin for each I/O - 5 pins for the shift registers and 6 pins for the RGB rotary encoder. What I want to do is use a 6 I/O Tiny85 instead of a full-blown UNO. So I would like to re-use 5of the 6 pins available and delegate between FSM states. That said, it looks like the three

communication Multiplex data and LED pin
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RGB LEDs will have to share a line with the shift register data/latch/clk etc. Why an ATtiny85 There is so much in between an ATmega328 an an ATtiny85. Can you extend your circuit diagram with what your idea would look like jippie May 11 `13 at 15:33 I just realized that /OE shares with Rotary Encoder B, clearly a problem. /OE would probably work better sharing with Switch. npc May 11 `13 at 16:07

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