controlling a dc motor with an arduino uno

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Control a small DC motor through this H-bridge with an Arduino Uno, but I have never programmed one of these controllers before. I need the motor to rotate in different directions when I press left and right on a keyboard. So far I have this code: // Right Motor /* Adjust these values for your servo and setup, if necessary */ int re

controlling a dc motor with an arduino uno
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sistor1 = 3; int resistor2 = 5; int resistor3 = 6; int resistor4 = 10; int moveServo; void setup() { Serial. begin(9600); pinMode(resistor1, OUTPUT); // Set servo pin as an output pin pinMode(resistor2, OUTPUT); pinMode(resistor3, OUTPUT); pinMode(resistor4, OUTPUT); } void loop() { // Wait for serial input if (Serial. available() > 0) { // Read the incoming byte: moveServo = Serial. read(); // ASCII left = 37, up = 38, right = 39, down = 40 if (moveServo = 37) { digitalWrite(resistor4, HIGH); digitalWrite(resistor1, HIGH); } }

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