easiest single axis solar tracker

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A dual axis solar tracker system circuit which is intended forautomaticallyadjusting the solarpanelface such that it stays perpendicular to the incident sun rays at all instants. throughout the day. However for this to happen whole set up involves many complex mechanisms and circuitry which may not be easy for all to assemble and implement. If youare readyto sacrifice and ignorea fewof the luxuries

easiest single axis solar tracker
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provided by the above dual axis tracker, then probably you would like to go with the concept explained in the present article. The previously discussed dual axis solar tracker post included some sensors in the form of LDRs for monitoring the suns "position in the sky" and accordingly providing thecommandsto the control circuit and the motor so that necessary adjustments are quickly made to the panel for maintaining the required accuracy of the panel with the sun rays. The system requires some criticalsettingandadjustments, however once these are completed you just watch the whole thing do the rest for the rest of your life providing 100% efficiency with the involved electrification of your house. Here, since we do not incorporate any sensor and the system is a single axis type can eb built very easily and quickly, but you will have to do some tedious settings in thebeginningand keep repeating it once every month or so. The efficiency of this system may well be 100% in theinitialstages but will go ondeterioratingas weeks progress until you refresh and restore the original settings. This must be done in response to th changing sunrise/sunset positions of the sun through out the year. The concept is simple, we just note down the average time for which the sun remains active or live over the sky. Then we adjust the speed of the motor such that it rotates the panel from sun rise to sun set more or less facing the sun throughout...

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