keep your property where you can see it

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A safe home is a happy one, but many off-the-shelf surveillance cameras are too expensive or simply impractical for home use. That`s why designer Alberto Ricci Bitti created an automated and inexpensive surveillance camera that uses a flash card as recording media. All the required functionalities fit inside a small 8-bit microcontroller and the d

keep your property where you can see it
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esign harnesses the potential of the ATmega32: almost every hardware component of the AVR is put to good use, resulting in a leaner, more cost-effective parts list. The camera only needs to be set up once and an IR remote and easy-to-use voice-prompt menu means this award-winning design will be the star of the show. Video surveillance systems have rapidly grown from being a specialized equipment for high-risk areas (like banks and airports), to the point of being standard facilities of most places open to the public. Nowadays, no shopping centre, office, industry can afford lacking one. In conjunction with a time-lapse video recorder, these little cameras play an active role discouraging theft and collecting evidences and precious information about the offenders. Despite their huge commercial success, video surveillance recorders have had little impact on residential markets. No doubt they would be useful at home as well as they are at work: according to the Police, most home thieves go unpunished, so in a sense homeowners must help for themselves. Commercially available systems are not designed for home use, and unfortunately don`t adapt well to the new role. Problems start with the time-lapse recorder, which is a special recorder capable of recording several days of slow-frame-rate video on an ordinary VHS tape or a big hard disk. Most units are solidly built and usually they worth their money, nonetheless my concept of...

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