microcontroller Seemingly unstable basic PIC18F2550 circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The LED blinks as intended, then stops for an arbitrary time, flashes again a different number of times, off again etc. There doesn`t seem to be any cyclic behaviour to it. It starts working without any external input (i. e. nudging it) so doesn`t seem like a loose connection either. I realise the second Vss pin isn`t grounded in the schematic, but this didn`t help the circuit either when I tried it. Could it be because

microcontroller Seemingly unstable basic PIC18F2550 circuit
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Vusb isn`t grounded I would have thought this would only affect USB operation. #include #include #include #include #pragma config FOSC = INTOSCIO_EC #pragma config WDT = OFF void main() { TRISAbits. TRISA1 = 0; // Set RA1 as output LATAbits. LATA1 = 1; // Set RA1 as HIGH while (1) { LATAbits. LATA1 = ~LATAbits. LATA1; // Toggle LED pin Delay10KTCYx(25); // Delay } }

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