the photovoltaic sine wave inverter introduction to 68HC908MR16 one-chip computer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the aggravation and improvement of human environmental consciousness day by day of the energy crisis, the development and utilization of new energy is paid attention to more and more by people. And the solar energy has been favored by people recently as the inexhaustible high-efficient and pollution-free energy. The photovoltaic sine inverse

 the photovoltaic sine wave inverter introduction to 68HC908MR16 one-chip computer
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power supply system that this text introduces is exactly a for suitable for the familying, a kind of power system especially suitable for the few electric western users of outlying district of electroless, its market prospect will be broader and broader with the proceeding of development of western regions of China. The basic structured flowchart of system is shown as in Fig. 1. Pursued knowingly, the solar cell array passes the charging circuit to the accumulator charge at first, thus get a basic stable direct-current volts, and then invert the direct current the high-frequency alternating current through the inverter circuit, filtered by voltage transformer boost and smoothing circuit of mains frequency finally and turned into the alternating current voltage of 50Hz, 220V sine. The control of the overall system was finished by MR16 one-chip computer. Its key part samples and forms and feedbacks the constituent digital PI controller part for the forming of SPWM wave and alternating current voltage of the foundation output. 68HC908MR16 one-chip computer is a low-cost, high-performance eight-bit one-chip computer. It have the intersection of 32k and byte can wipe flash memory FLASH, RAM with 768 bytes on-chip that write, totally enough to this system; PWMMC module that a special PWM of No. 6 used for electric machine control exported, are suitable for single-phase, three phases to reverse, this module has special No. FAULT...

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