LC189 making decorative lanterns with fans

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fans decorative light circuit in Figure 2-130, the circuit consists of step-down rectifier circuit, lattice specific integrated sound and light control roads and other componen

LC189 making decorative lanterns with fans
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ts. Core device circuit is LC189. This decorative lamp is the use of different voltage amplitude on the inductor fan speed, forcing LC189 control different LED flash frequency, voltage, high frequency fast flash, slow and vice versa. Resistance Rl ~ R3 connected on three-block fan speed control switch, the capacitor C1 is coupled to the input of LCI89 8 feet. R4 and C2 are manifold outer contact oscillation RC components. Circuit output waveform frequency because the amplitude of the input signal varies, the output of A ~ D row and column output terminal f ~ r connected to 4x4 dot matrix, between the light emitting diode LED1 ~ 16 connected row line and column line, arc tube to press on section Figure 2-127 shows the level change and shiny, which can be formed is wonderful visual effects. Resistor R6 ~ R9 current limiting resistor of the arc tube, which along with the power supply voltage level may be, the machine uses 6V DC power supply, it is appropriate resistance 120 Q, if the power supply voltage of 12V, current limiting resistor should be increased to 390Q.

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