Discrete components stereo encoder circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit schematic diagram IC1-4069 the Y1, Y2 to form a frequency 76KHZ oscillator, Y3-Y6 isolation after shaping into the IC2 CD4027 dual JK flip-flop consisting of two compon

Discrete components stereo encoder circuit diagram
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ent frequency circuit that generates a symmetric +/- 38KHZ and 19KHZ square wave, square wave +/- 38KHZ which is used to control the analog switch IC3 CD4066, after stereo input audio signal switching with a frequency-modulated signal 19KHZ and then mixed into isolation after the transistor 9014 FM modulator. FM modulator circuit can be found in the site in a variety of FM transmitter circuits. This article is not shown, the purpose is to let the fans can easily use this encoder, not only can increase the functionality of your old stereo FM transmitter, but also as a general-purpose equipment. Debugging is connected as the FM modulator and a five-volt power supply, measured with a multimeter IC1CD4069 each foot and IC2 CP, Q, Q, each foot should be half the supply voltage has been described oscillator start-up. If a digital frequency meter, measuring IC1 output frequency, the frequency is adjusted RW1 75KHZ +/- 10HZ can. If not, can be aligned radio, RW2 half after a good tune, and then transferred RW1, make radio stereo indicator light, and the speaker is no temple frequency howling. And then into the stereo audio signal (1.5Vpp, available power amplifier output) from the input terminal at this time you will be able to receive stereo broadcasts on the radio. The input signal can also be obtained from the line, but this time R7 should be changed accordingly. Finally, you can also adjust the high-frequency noise R7 minimum, in fact, R6, R7 is equivalent to BA1404 of 13-14 feet in external components, is a pilot signal and a composite signal mixing circuit and input to the amplifier, this circuit is 9014, and BA1404 in from 12 feet on entering, I think this circuit there are many places for improvement, development of what it might be interested in.

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