Automatic level control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works The liquid level automatic controller circuit from the power circuit, a level detection circuit and control the implementation of circuit, as shown in FIG. FIG automatic level control

Automatic level control circuit
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circuit Power circuit from the power transformer T, rectifier diode YD1 ~ VD4 and filter capacitor C form. Liquid level detection circuit by the high level electrode A, B low level electrode and the main electrode C components. Executed by the control circuit of the relay K, the control transistor V AC contactor KM and other components. AC 220V voltage by T Buck VD1 ~ VD4 rectifier and C filter to produce 12V DC voltage supply control execution circuit. When no liquid or liquid pool level is below the low level electrode B, V control tube base potential of the emitter due to the same electric potential and is off, the relay K is not action, its normally open contact K2 off, normally closed contact K1 is turned on, the AC contactor KM pull power, so that the rate pump motor M power operation, plus begin dosing pump. When the liquid level reaches the high level electrode tanks at A, + 12V voltage through a resistor R1, a high level electrode A, conductive resistance of the liquid and the main electrode C was added to the base V, so that V n partial conduction relay K energized work, disconnect the normally closed contact K1, K2 normally open contact connected, AC contactor KM off, the contact is released, plus cutting power pump motor M, plus dosing pump stops. When the reservoir pool level drops to a low level electrode B or less, V and the base potential prisoners and emit the same electric potential and off, the relay K release, its normally open contact K2 off, normally closed contact K1 access pass, the AC contactor KM pull, plus pump motor M is energized, re-start dosing. Again and again, unattended automatic hydraulic control. If the pump using a single sum, you can not have AC contactor KM. Adding directly to the single pump and connected to the AC motor contactor coil ends can be. Component selection R1 and R2 are selected 1 / 4W carbon film resistors. C selected voltage is 16V aluminum electrolytic capacitors. VD1 ~ VD5 are selected 1N4001 or 1N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes. V selects 3DG12 or Model C8050 silicon NPN transistor, which requires current amplification factor greater than 25. K small selection of 12V DC relay. KM choose coil voltage is 220V AC contactor. T optional 3 ~ 5W of 12V power transformer.

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