Fan automatic control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Box circuit) bistable circuit, each bistable circuit is a single bond by the control output high and low level. When the circuit instant access electricity, electricity through

Fan automatic control circuit
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R13, cl, buck, VD, VD2 full-wave rectification, ZD, ZDz secondary regulator, then by VTs electronic filtering, got 8.V DC voltage. Because the capacitance C., C3, C, not the voltage across the energy mutation, so the IC, the input 1,5,11 pin is low, the corresponding inverter output terminal 6, 10 feet high, so each the output of flip-flop circuit terminal 4, 8, 12 feet low. Thus, the transistor VT, VT2, VT4 base is extremely high, VT VT,, VT4 off, the VT3 base is extremely low, VT3 conduction. Because VT4 close, so VT3 no collector current, therefore, the thyristor vs, VS2, VS3 no trigger current is turned off, lights L is not lit, the motor M does not turn. And the same time the capacitor C2, C4, C6 via a resistor feet, R4, Rg charged within about 0.1 8 can be charged to the supply voltage 8.5 V.

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