ADIADM106610 a power monitors and sequencing control solution

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The ADI Company one ADM1066 is it monitor one piece powers many kinds of of configurated /sequence device, and last 12 ADC and 6 8 DAC of voltage output, all voltage is superior to 0. 5% in the precision of 25 degrees of C, is mainly used in the office system of the centre, server / router, the systematic circuit card of many voltage, sequence of DS

ADIADM106610 a power monitors and sequencing control solution
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P/FPGA voltage, etc. This text has introduced ADM1066 key feature, the block-diagram, employs block diagram and ADM106x Evaluation Board key feature, block-diagram and circuit diagram, material bill. The ADM1066 Super Sequencer is a configurable supervisory/ sequencing device that offers a single-chip solution for supply monito ring and sequencing in multiple-supply systems. In addition to these functions, the ADM1066 integrates a 12-bit ADC and six 8-bit voltage output DACs. These circuits can be used to implement a closed-loop margining system that enables supply adjustment by altering either the feedback node or reference of a dc-to-dc converter using the DAC outputs. Supply margining can be performed with a minimum of external components. The margining loop can be used for in-circuit testing of a board during production for example, to verify board func-tionality at 5% of nominal supplies, or it can be used dynamically to accurately control the output voltage of a dc-to-dc converter. The ADM106x Evaluation Board is designed to provide all of the necessary stimuli to the ADM106x, showing the many features of the device in a compact, self contained environment. The following pages contain a simple block diagram of the functions on the board, followed by a detailed schematic of the board and finally, the tracking, power and silkscreen layers for board. The two main features of the board are the programmable voltage...

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