Active Power Factor Correction Circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Active power factor correction stabilize the electrical demand of a device to give the best power factor characteristic of many types of loads. To meet power factor regulation, a low cost solution should be designed. In many application, the need of high DC voltage is usually implemented by a direct rectification of the AC line followed by bulk ca

Active Power Factor Correction Circuit
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pacitor filtering. This capacitor filtering introduce current spike that distort the power line sine waveform, and this introduce a poor power factor, resulting in an apparent input power that is much higher than the real power. This can be solved by inserting a pre-regulation between the rectifier and the bulk capacitor. We call this pre-regulator circuit as power factor correction circuit. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: This power factor controller is a low cost system solution for boost mode follower. that meets IEC1000 3 2 standard. This power factor correction circuit includes an inrush current detection, protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage. Follower boost mode for system cost reduction smaller inductor and MOSFET can be used. [Circuit schematic source: ON Semiconductor Application Notes] We aim to transmit more information by carrying articles. Please send us an E-mail to wanghuali@hqew. net within 15 days if we are involved in the problems of article content, copyright or other problems. We will delete it soon.

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