Arduino Analog Read Potentiometer to Digital Out LED

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The analog to digital sketches have been covered a million ways from Sunday with every conceivable part but in order for us to move on to more complex circuits and concepts I need to be sure you know these simpler ones. This tutorial wont be quite as in depth as the others because frankly there just isn`t much code. Without further delay I give yo

Arduino Analog Read Potentiometer to Digital Out LED
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

u the wiring diagram. Another very simple circuit diagram, by the way if you have been wondering what program I am using for these diagram and its actually the most widely used program fordiagrammingArduino circuits, its called Fritzing and you can get it here. Its completely Free and has tons of well known parts either built in directly or available for download on the user submission pages. As shown above the Analog signal is positive and as the positive input increases the digital output increases as well. There is of course a pull down resistor in place which is directly connected to the potentiometer, an interested side note and the reason for the 3 legs on the potentiometer is that you can swap the positive and negative in the diagram above and the LED will get brighter when you turn the potentiometer to the left (CCW) instead of the right (CW). /* Analog Potentiometer to Digital LED Sketch By: David M. Orlo */ byte potPin=0; //Analog 0 connected to the potentiometer byte LEDPin=6; //Connected to LED on Pin 6 int potValue=0; //Value returned from the potentiometer void setup(){ pinMode(LEDPin, OUTPUT); //Set Pin 6 as an Output } void loop(){ potValue = analogRead(potPin)/4; //Read the potentiometer, convert it to 0 - 255 analogWrite(LEDPin, potValue); //Write the converted potentiometer value to LED pin } So simple isn`t it Now lets change things up a bit and make the LED pulse in relation to the potentiometer value....

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