Arduino Digital audio player

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

So far in this series we`ve had a diverse look at how Arduino can interact with a range of real-world devices from servo motors to ultrasonic range finders TVs to humidity sensors. Now we`ll see if we could get the Arduino to make a few sounds. We`ll actually do a bit better than that we`ll look at the importance of pulse width modulation (PWM

Arduino Digital audio player
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) to microcontrollers by building our own digital audio player called Auduino. A few months ago I stumbled across a simple single-button digital audio player based around a Raspberry Pi developed by a guy for his 90-year-old grandmother who needed something simple to use. All it had was a single button and an LED and it was programmed to play digital audiobooks. The button pressed quickly would pause and play while holding it down for more than four seconds would play the previous track. I couldn`t help wondering if we could do something similar and simpler with an Arduino. Well you can. We`ve combined an Arduino Uno microcontroller a $1. 50 SD card reader module from eBay computer speakers and some other components to create a simple single-button digital audio player. There`ll be a small amount of soldering involved. Admittedly our player`s WAV file support is modest (mono 8-bit up to 19kHz) but the quality is still more than good enough to handle music and digital audiobooks. However don`t miss the bigger picture an audio player we can digitally control opens up a world of possibilities. If you`re wondering where you`ll find 19kHz/8-bit/mono WAV files we`ve got that covered. I`ve created an easy-to-use audio converter that integrates into Windows Explorer and converts any audio file into the required WAV format. You can even convert multiple files at the same time and it automatically turns those files into the 8. 3...

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