DIY Infrared Sensor Module using Arduino

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Have you ever wanted to make a line following robot but the infrared sensors were too expensive for you Do you want to upgrade the robot in my other instructable Also, if you`re from the UK and have a maplin store near you, you`ll be able to get some IR transmitter and receivers for 99p (They`re side facing LED/phototransistors, so you can have

DIY Infrared Sensor Module using Arduino
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a low-profile sensor module), More on this at the end of the instructable. You want to take your bread board and your infra red LED`s and photo transistors and place them side by side (1 hole apart) in the bread board, repeat for the other infra red pair. Now let`s start wiring up the infrared LED`s first, place a 220 Ohm resister in the same row as the IR LED cathode then wire it to ground, and make sure to wire both. Next you need to wire up both of the IR LED anodes to the power rail. Now we`re moving onto the photo transistors. Take the red LED`s and place the cathode in the photo transistors anode row, next we place a 1k Ohm resistor inside the photo transistors cathode. Now we just need to wire the photo transistors to the analogue inputs zero and one, to do this wire the cathode of the photo transistor before it goes to the 1k Ohm resistor, the left most wire should go to analogue zero and the one on the right should go to analogue one. Now if you wire in the power supply from the Arduino (+5v and Ground) if you wave your hand in front of the IR LED/phototransistor pairs, you should notice the red LED`s fading from dim to bright and back as you move your hand. If the LED`s are indeed facing back and forth congratulations you`ve completed the basic prototype, you can move onto the next step. How ever, if you`re not getting any results from waving your hand back and forth you must check your wiring (Maybe your IR LED`s...

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