Fully Integrated Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor With High Voltage Isolation And A Low-Resistance Current Conductor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The AD537 is a monolithic V-F converter consisting of an input Amplifier a precision Oscillator system, an accurate internal reference generator and a high current output stage. Only a single external RC network is required to set up any full-scale (F. S. ) frequency up to 100 kHz and any F. S. input voltage up to 30 V. Linearity error is as low as 0

Fully Integrated Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor With High Voltage Isolation And A Low-Resistance Current Conductor
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. 05% for 10 kHz F. S. , and operation is guaranteed over an 80 dB dynamic range. The overall temperature coefficient (excluding the effects of external components) is typically 30 ppm/C. The AD537 operates from a single supply of 5 V to 36 V and consumes only 1. 2 mA quiescent current. A temperature-proportional output, scaled to 1. 00 mV/K, enables the circuit to be used as a reliable temperature-to-frequency converter; in combination with the fixed reference output of 1. 00 V, offset scales such as 0C or 0F CAN be generated. The low drift (1V/C typ) input Amplifier allows operation directly from small signals (e. g. , thermocouples or strain gages) while offering a high (250 M(Ohm) input resistance. Unlike most V-F converters, the AD537 provides a square-wave output, and CAN drive up to 12 TTL loads, LEDs very long cables, etc. The excellent temperature characteristics and long-term stability of the AD537 are guaranteed by the primary bandgap reference generator and the low T. C. silicon chromium thin film resistors used throughout. The device is available in either a TO-116 ceramic DIP or a TO-100 metal can; both are hermetically sealed packages. The AD537 is available in three performance/temperature grades; the J and K grades are specified for operation over the 0C to +70C range while the AD537S is specified for operation over the extended temperature range, -55C to +125C. *Protected by Patent Nos. 3, 88, 963 and RE...

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