The HandyBoard drives both pads at the positive supply of the battery. When one of the motor is supposed to turn, the handyboard drives the appropriate pin at 0V. The difference between two pads makes the motor turn. The Transistors are TIP 120 and TIP 125 but could be changed for more recents ones. They are supposed to drive 5 mA continous with a

ppropriate HeatSink. They must be soldered TOP DOWN in order to be able to connect a heatsink. The IR Led and IR Resistor should be protected from the ambiant light. When the fuse is OK, the IR Led is illuminating the IR Resistor and the HandyBoard can detect it throught any analog input port. If the fuse is blowed, the IR Led isn`t working and the IR Resistor increases it`s resistance and this can be detected by the HandyBoard.

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