Hazard lights Coupe 1995

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This diagram will give you a simplistic idea of how it all works, as you can see the only time left and right come together from the indicator switch is from the stalk to the hazard switch, so get the steering column off too and go all the way from the indicator stalk to the hazard switch it Will be there somewhere dude, it will be! if in step one problem is solved with switch connected

Hazard lights Coupe 1995
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source another switch, even if you can find a switch from another vehicle in which wiring is similar might be worth trying that too. Disconnected the haz switch, ran engine. No indicators atall. Changed switch for one I had in the glove box, same fault - hazards or nothing. I`m not electrically minded so I think the car will have to go a specialist to get fixed. just a thought, on that diagram you see the relay for the hazards if that was stuck open it would have same effect, do the hazards work on theyre own i. e not indicating just hazard button pushed the hazard flasher unit/relay may be the culprit mate, not quite clutching at straws yet i actually think this may have credance. its just the wires that are left after that. all my other research i have done indicates (excuse the pun) a bare wire touching the chassis or another wire in the indicator hazard light circuit. Have a go at looking at the wires get some panels off search for crimped wires bare wires anything out of place, it is highly likely a short is happening hence its getting better or worse sometimes when its disturbed. Indicators now working. I took the car to a auto elec specialist and within 3hrs had found the problem. He did explain in very basic terms that there are 5 main wires linked to the indicators although there should be 4. He suspected the 5th was at some point connected to a tow bar or alarm but couldn`t tell which. He cut the 5th wire and hey...

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