Kit Car Design & Build

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The plumbing is done and the fuel system is done. Final checks on the electrical system are under way. More tidying up and testing of the bike loom. Nearly there. I`ve got onequery though. My 2003 loom has two unused connectors for an alarm system. To me, these appear to have to be connected to something in order for the rest of the loom to work but on the other hand, the alarm must be an option on the bike,

Kit Car Design & Build
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so it not being present should not affect the operation of the electrics. Here`s hoping! With the last few wires connected up and tested, there is nothing left to do but apply some power. I connected the bike loom power to the ignition switch, ensured the fuel pump switch was off and turned the ignition key. I then immediately turned it off again, as something was making a nasty noise. Brain engaged, I realised that it was probably only the EXUP motor, so I tried again. The noise was coming from the EXUP motor and it goes through a test cycle, which is a good sign. No smoke either I flicked the fuel pump switch and it immediately started running. I could hear it getting slower as it built up pressure and then after about 4 seconds it stopped as expected. Cool. And no petrol leaks too. Doubly cool. Short out the radiator fan switch just to make sure it is working and as a cross check in case the temp gauge does not show when it is getting too hot, then reconnect it to the switch. Do not run it for more than 4 or five minutes. Shut it down and let the oil drain down into the sump, take a look through the sight glass and check for condensation (a little is quite normal), Drain off some of the oil into a CLEAN container so you can take a good look at it. A little black is no problem but any sign of white and you need to start to worry. Let it run for five minutes with occasional blips to throttle, this should help to bleed any...

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