Midnight Security Light Circuit Schematic

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Most thefts happen after midnight hours when people enter the second phase of sleep called paradoxical` sleep. Here is an energy-saving circuit that causes the thieves to abort the theft attempt by lighting up the possible sites of intrusion (such as kitchen or backyard of your house) at around 1:00 am. It automatically resets in the morning. The

Midnight Security Light Circuit Schematic
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circuit is fully automatic and uses a CMOS IC CD 4060 to get the desired time delay. Light-dependent resistor LDR1 controls reset pin 12 of IC1 for its automatic action. During day time, the low resistance of LDR1 makes pin 12 of IC1 high, ` so it doesn`t oscillate. After sunset, the high resistance of LDR1 makes pin 12 of IC1 low` and it starts oscillating, which is indicated by the fashing of LED2 connected to pin 7 of IC1. The values of oscillator components (resistors R1 and R2 and capacitor C4) are chosen such that output pin 3 of IC1 goes high` after seven hours, i. e. , around 1 am. This high output drives triac 1 (BT136) through D5 and R3. Bulb L1 connected between the phase line and M2 terminal of triac 1 turns on when the gate of triac 1 gets the trigger voltage from pin 3 of IC1. It remains on` until pin 12 of IC1 becomes high again in the morning. Capacitors C1 and C3 act as power reserves, so IC1 keeps oscillating even if there is power interruption for a few seconds. Capacitor C2 keeps trigger pin 12 of IC1 high during day time, so slight changes in light intensity don`t affect the circuit. Using preset P1 you can adjust the sensitivity of LDR1. Power supply to the circuit is derived from a step-down transformer T1 (230V AC primary to 0-9V, 300mA secondary), rectifed by a full-wave rectifer comprising diodes D1 through D4 and fltered by capacitor C1. Assemble the circuit on a general-purpose PCB with adequate...

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