OEM AUX Light Switch Diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I decided to throw together a schematic of how the OEM AUX switch should be wired, and print it so that when I install the wiring I would have a handy reference. Figured I would post it. Here is another breakdown of the switch pins, keeping in mind that thepin layout is labeled while looking INTO the terminals, with the locking tabs on the

OEM AUX Light Switch Diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Pins 1 and 2 are the power and ground for the green LED built into the switch. When the switch is depressed, this little LED lights up and tells you that the switch in "ON". Basically a little indicator. 14-16 gauge wire is fine. Pins 3 and 4 make up the switching circuit. You have a choice from where you would like your pin 3 supply to come from, and your decision will determine the opperational conditions of the lights. Again, 14-16 gauge wire. If you wire pin 3 from the battery/fuse panel, you will be able to use the AUX lights ANYTIME, ignition on or off. Good choice if you want to illuminate something with the car off. However, if you forget about them being on and go to bed, your FJ`s battery is going to be dead in the morning. Additionally, you can wire pin 3 from any 12V supply wire on the vehicle, but be aware that the AUX lights will only operate when that specific supply wire is active. Pin 4 is the output to the relay. On the relay, there will be a picture of a little internal coil and switch, and labels for which pins are which. Wire pin 4 of the AUX switch to one of the pins on the relay that connect to the internal coil circuit. The other pin on the relay of this coil circuit should be grounded. Pins 5 and 6 serve as the gound and supply for the backlight of the switch, meaning that whenever your interior lights are on, you will see the switch lit up similar to the ATRAC switch. As an easy hook up, tap the...

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