Triangle Wave Generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The second half of the circuit is an inverting integrator. The first op-amp starts with its two inputs in an unknown state; let`s say it starts with + slightly higher than (which is at ground). The op-amp greatly amplifies this difference, bringing its output to the op-amp`s positive power supply voltage, its maximum output (15 V in this case)

Triangle Wave Generator
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. With this positive input, the integrator`s output falls at a constant rate. The 10k and 4k resistors act as a voltage divider which put the first op-amp`s + input 4/14ths of the way from the second op-amp`s output to the first op-amp`s output. When this input reaches ground, then the first op-amp`s output switches polarity, and the integrator switches direction, forming the other half of the triangle. When the first op-amp switches polarity again, a new cycle begins.

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