fireworks controller circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A 12v battery pack from a PowerWheels(r) car and two planks of wood with several nails punched through each. The nails were each wrapped with a couple turns of speaker wire that ran out to his ignitors, and the other leg came back to a central positive terminal that connected back to the battery. Not super elegant, but very effective and easy to troubleshoot and control.

fireworks controller circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

First off I started with a blank piece of 1/4" MDF I purchased from Home Depot. This served as the base board for the electronics. I decided on a layout for the controls, and then using my drill press and my eyeballs I put the 24 holes for the push-buttons and then used a hand drill for the LED holes. I then used my Dremel tool with a router bit to free hand the slots for the speaker terminal connections. I am not a carpenter, nor to I claim to have any sort of artistic capability. this part is utilitarianism at its best. It was at this point that I *noticed* my MDF was too thick for the buttons and switches to mount to without modification. so at this point I broke my Dremel back out and cut recesses around EVERY SINGLE button hole to reduce the thickness from 1/4" down to around 1/8". This was where I lost about 2 hours on my build, because these recesses had to be done free-hand, and it generated copious amounts of dust. Then I started mounting components. I started with the push-buttons and then the LEDs. The push-buttons had nuts to hold them down, and for the LEDs I just used a touch of super-glue right at the edge and it worked great. The speaker terminals and other switches were very simple to mount. This left me with a very pretty front panel (ignore the fact that I can`t measure and things are a bit crooked). From the primary switch (key-switch) tie in each green LEDs long leg (positive). I used simple jumpers...

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