how to make simple vu meter circuit at

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

VU meter or a volume unit meter is a device used for indicating the music volume output from an amplifier or a loudspeaker system. It may be also considered as a device for displaying the PMPO of the amplifier at a particular volume setting. Though the unit looks quite technical, which is applied as a measuring device of audio power, in real terms these are more like

how to make simple vu meter circuit at
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decorative ornaments of an amplifier. Without such devices attached, an amplifiersystemwould lookquitedull and without any juice. Prior to the days when LEDs were not so popular, moving coil meter type ofdisplayswere commonly incorporated as VU meters and surely these units with there back lights ON produced a distinctive visual effect as their needles deflected from left to rightdisplayingthe varying pitch of the connected audio system. With color effect at its disposal, LEDs became the HOT favorites as far as VU meter were concerned, even todayamplifiers employ a LED VU graph fordisplayingthe music power in an amplifier. For electronic hobbyists who are rather more interested in building a particular required gagdet right at home instead of buying a commercial piece, this cool VU meter circuit will interest them if they are intending to make one for their musicsystem. The circuit diagram shows a very simple configuration employing two of the above ICs in the cascaded form forproducinga good 20 LED sequencing bar type indication. R3 has been stationed for adjusting thetypicaldB levels between the LEDs forenablingvisually more enhancedsequencingpattern in response to the fed music input. The diagram shows a separate power supply being used for the circuit, however if the amplifier supports a 12 volt stabilized power supply, can beused forpowering the circuit as well, this would help to get rid of the extra bulk...

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