servo timer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Servo Timer II was primarily designed for parachute deployment on water rockets, but can be used for other applications. The timer controls a single RC servo motor that can open a latch on a parachute door. Once triggered the timer waits a set amount of time before moving the servo motor. The timer has a number of configurable parameters along

servo timer
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with several trigger options. It may also be used in other applications such as staging rockets, controlling camera direction etc. A big thank you goes to PK from Whooshtronics for his great support on this project. Also thank you to everyone who helped with ideas and suggestions on Australian Rocketry`s forum. The Servo Timer II development has been covered on these forum threads: and and also on the Yahoo water rocket forum here: Also a thank you goes to the water rocket community who have supported us over the years and given us feedback on the previous versions of this timer. We have taken your suggestions and incorporated them into this design. Updated: 26th May 2013 - Sorry but there are no more Servo Timer IIs left for sale, as they have all sold out. Thank you to everyone who has purchased the timer. We will continue to provide support for the timers. If you have any questions or comments please contact us. If you would like to build your own, the STII PCB layout (in Eagle. brd format) and. HEX files are now available for FREE on request. All the SMD components can be substituted with through-hole components to make it easier to build on a prototyping board. (Sorry we don`t have a through-hole PCB layout) Built in G-switch: The built in G-switch will detect a launch when the timer experiences acceleration of over 2G. Depending on the application, such as when triggering occurs at burnout or apogee, or where the...

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