Using C-MOS light emitting diode drive circuit NAND gate pulse

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

4000 Series 4011B is (NAND gate) by the 4AI NAND gate circuit group to form two loops unstable multivibrator. L NAND gate and NAND gate 2 is ikHz (determined in accordance with

Using C-MOS light emitting diode drive circuit NAND gate pulse
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requirements) large duty cycle oscillator circuit. By a diode with -D, series chu. Short pulses with a period T is T:. +. : I.ic, (chu a chu 2). NAND gate NAND gate 3 and 4 oscillator configuration, the oscillation frequency,: 38kHz, the oscillator is intended to use the remote control receiver circuit added, if c, 2iOOOpF, WUR: 1/2.2caj 11.96kQ, resistance can ffliokQln with 5kO dish series variable resistor V, the oscillation frequency by the VR transferred 38kHL. Ran t quite used to determine the LED current, W1 value is determined by LEDRij rating.

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