Hardware circuit C51 microcontroller serial communication

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

51 microcontroller has a full-duplex serial communication port, so you can easily serial communication between the microcontroller and the computer. When the serial communicati

Hardware circuit C51 microcontroller serial communication
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

on to meet certain conditions, such as PCs serial port is RS232 level, while the microcontroller is TTL level serial port, there must be a level conversion circuit between the two, we were using a dedicated chip MAX232 conversion, although you can also simulate the conversion with a few transistors, but still with a special chip easier and more reliable. We use a three-wire serial connection, which means that the computer and the 9-pin serial connector which is only three lines: 5 feet GND, RXD 2 feet, 3 feet of TXD. This is the easiest connection method, but enough for us to use the circuit as shown below, 11-pin connector MAX232 pin 10 and the microcontroller, 9 feet and the microcontroller 10-pin connector, and the first 15 feet MCU 20-pin connector. Serial communication hardware circuit as shown below.

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