Variety of signal generator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Audio function generator integrated circuit ICL8038 composition can produce a square wave, triangle wave and sine wave, as shown in Figure 11-8. Electrical resistance and poten

Variety of signal generator circuit
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tiometer RP1 Shu used to determine the 8-pin DC potential Ua, usually taken team 2Ucr/3, Zhang higher, IA JB and smaller, the output frequency is lower, and vice versa. Therefore, ICL8038 also known as voltage-controlled oscillator (vc0) or frequency modulator (FM). RP1 adjustable frequency range is around 20Hz-20kHz. Us can also provide a fixed potential by seven feet, this time, the output frequency fo decided only by the RA-RB and the capacitor c1. Ucc, when dual power supply, the DC level of the output waveform is zero. When using a single power supply, the DC level of the output waveform is Uw/2

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