Overtone crystal oscillator

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

The crystal element in this circuit is connected directly between the base and ground. Capacitor Cl is used to improve the feedback due to the internal capacitances of the transistor. This capacitor should be mounted as close as possible to the case of the transistor. The LC tank circuit in the collector of the transistor is tuned to the overtone frequency of the crystal. The emitter resistor capacitor must have a capacitive reactance of approximately 90 ohms at the frequency of operation. The tap on inductor Ll is used to match the impedance of the collector of the transistor

Overtone crystal oscillator
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In most cases, the optimum placement of this tap is approximately one-third from the cold end of the coil. The placement of this tap is a trade-off between stability and maximum power output. The output signal is taken from a link coupling coil, L2, and operates by transformer action.

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