Square wave generator III

The generator described here is intended for multiburst signal square waveform generation and can be used as a device for characterizing the response of TV monitor amplifiers as shown. The circuit is an RC oscillator with NAND gates (IC4-4011), with its capacitor C changed periodically by means of bilateral switches (IC2, IC3-4016). The control inputs of bilateral switches are driven by the outputs of a counter/decoder (IC1-4017) the operation of which is determined by generated clock pulses, so that they occur eight times at half-picture (field). These pulses are locked to vertical blank pulses.
Square wave generator III - schematic

Horizontal synchronization is achieved by means of composite blanking pulses (negative polarization) applied to pins 1 and 5 of IC4. The oscillator frequency changes in the following discrete steps: 460 kHz, 680 kHz, 900 kHz, 1400 kHz, 2700 kHz, 3600 kHz, for the time of one frame. The video signal is fed on a mixer where it is superimposed with a composite sync signal.

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