Energy-saving lamp circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Energy-saving lamps are divided into self-ballasted compact, single-ended from the structure; from the appearance divided double-tube type, tube type four, six tube and tube ri

Energy-saving lamp circuit
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ngs and many other types. Energy saving lamp life is 10 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps, power is 5-8 times that of ordinary light bulbs (tricolor energy-saving light of a 15W equivalent of a 100W incandescent lamp), energy-saving than ordinary incandescent lamp 80 %, fever only ordinary light bulbs l/5. Energy-saving lamps can instead of incandescent lamps. Energy conservation, environmental protection a favorable one thousand. CFL physical shape as shown in FIG. Ceiling light throughout the space, dark step, uniform illumination and high, giving a good psychological effect, without affecting other objects and space, suitable for bedroom, corridor, lobby and other places. Energy-saving lamps ceiling installation method in combination with lanterns.

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